Point of Sale : InfoGenesis

Point of Sale : InfoGenesis

What You Will Learn
Learn the in and outs of the InfoGenesis page in the Wallet Admin Portal. Understand how you can benefit from the data being shared in the Wallet platform to formulate analysis and strategies that can benefit your business with InfoGenesis.

Why is Point of Sale: InfoGenesis Important?

Wallet can be integrated with InfoGenesis.

After completing the setup with InfoGenesis and once it is already integrated with Wallet you can now use the InfoGenesis tab in the admin portal of Wallet.

The purpose of this tab is for you to be able to review time frame-specific data related to the transactions within your InfoGenesis PoS systems.

Easily access, troubleshoot, and audit all InfoGenesis-specific data points through this custom reporting tool.

From the InfoGenesis page, you are able to select the time frame you wanted to review.
The Profit Center, and the specific registers you wanted to track.

After selecting the specified details you would now see the table showing the data for the queries, authorizations, redemptions & refunds under the image tab.

If you would deep dive further with the data Wallet also offers you the data to extract via CSV type of file through the image Area.

You would also be able to determine the number of transactions and type of transactions that happened within that time frame image

And you would also be able to view Other Info such as the failed queries within the time frame selected.