Analytics on Your Dynamic Vouchers

Track Your Dynamic Vouchers

Every metric you’ll need to identify the Dynamic Voucher campaigns that are working best is displayed below.

Pro Tip: When reviewing your past Dynamic Voucher campaigns, it’s important to note which days of the week, and what time of day is most successful. Different types of businesses do better during the week, while others do better on weekends.

Also, it’s important to note other elements like federal holidays which might improve a campaign’s performance, or reduce its impact on customers (perhaps because they’re out of town).

The Payment Design that a campaign uses can also have an impact, but usually to a lesser degree. Each of these aspects are worth monitoring to achieve success with dynamic vouchers.

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The “Dynamic Vouchers Stats” page is where you can review and analyze the efficacy of your dynamic vouchers. Using closed-loop marketing, this page will help you and your team analyze and review your dynamic voucher efforts to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Track pivotal stats such as redemptions/refunds per date, redemptions/refunds per campaign, and much more!