Maximize Your Lounge Experiences: Feature Customized Lounges from Your Establishment on the Wallet Digital App

Lounges Feature


The Lounges Feature in your Wallet Admin Portal empowers owners and merchants to showcase and customize lounge options from their establishments on the Wallet Digital App. This knowledge base article will guide you on effectively utilizing this feature to enhance your lounge offerings and attract more customers. By including essential details such as titles, descriptions, displayed prices, webpage links, and captivating images, you can entice app users to discover and indulge in the lounge experiences available through your establishment.

Benefits of the Lounges Feature:

  1. Increased Visibility: Featuring your lounge options on the Wallet Digital App provides increased visibility to a wider audience. Users of the app seeking relaxed and upscale environments can easily find and explore the lounge experiences available at your establishment.

  2. Customization and Branding: The Lounges Feature allows you to customize the presentation of your lounge options to align with your brand identity. This ensures a consistent and enticing experience for app users while highlighting the unique characteristics and ambiance of your lounges.

  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: By showcasing your lounge options through the app, you enhance the customer experience by providing convenient access to details such as lounge themes, seating arrangements, entertainment options, and any additional amenities. This streamlines the decision-making process for app users, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  4. Revenue Generation: Featuring your lounge options on the app can lead to increased foot traffic and bookings, resulting in revenue generation for your establishment. App users seeking exclusive and enjoyable lounge experiences are more likely to choose your establishment when they have easy access to enticing descriptions, prices, and reservation options.

  5. SEO Benefits: Optimizing your lounges feature with relevant keywords and providing informative content can improve your search engine rankings. This increases your online visibility, making it easier for users to find and discover your lounge options when searching for upscale lounges or specific themes.

Now, let’s explore the key elements to include when adding a lounge option through the Lounges Feature:

To visit the Lounge Page, go to Attract Visitors, select With Information, then select Lounges.


  1. Title: Choose descriptive and enticing titles for each lounge option that accurately represent the ambiance, theme, or unique offering. Incorporate keywords that resonate with your target audience and accurately reflect the lounge experience you provide.

  2. Description: Craft captivating and detailed descriptions for each lounge option, highlighting the atmosphere, decor, music, signature drinks, and any special features that set it apart. Consider mentioning any events or live performances hosted in the lounge to create additional interest and excitement.

  3. Displayed Price: Clearly indicate the pricing associated with each lounge option. Display the prices prominently, ensuring they are easily visible and accessible to app users. If applicable, mention any happy hour specials, bottle service options, or any other promotions available.

  4. Webpage Link: Include a webpage link that directs app users to a dedicated page specifically designed for the lounge option. This page should provide comprehensive information about the lounge, including photos, menu, reservation details, dress code, and any other relevant information. Ensure the link is easily clickable and leads to a seamless user experience.

  5. Image: Utilize high-quality images that accurately represent the ambiance and aesthetic of the lounge. Optimize the images for quick loading and ensure they are properly sized to fit within the Wallet Digital App’s interface. The images should entice app users and give them a visual glimpse of the lounge experience they can expect.

In conclusion, the Lounges Feature in the Wallet Admin Portal offers owners and merchants a valuable opportunity to enhance their lounge offerings and attract a wider customer base. By customizing and featuring lounge options from their establishments on the Wallet Digital App, they can enjoy increased visibility, improved customer experiences, revenue generation, and better search engine rankings. With attention-grabbing titles, detailed descriptions, displayed prices, webpage links, and captivating images, owners can entice app users to explore and indulge in the unique lounge experiences available at their establishments. Embrace the potential of the Lounges Feature and elevate your establishment’s allure in the digital realm.