Customer Satisfaction Cycle

What You Will Learn
Understand the importance of the customer satisfaction life cycle and its effects to retain your members.

Customer Satisfaction Life Cycle

Visitor comes into the store and inquires and gets great customer service, the visitor then becomes a customer.

The customer then uses a product or avails of a product then maximizes the support provided and becomes a loyal member.

The loyal member gets rewards and keeps getting great customer service then becomes a brand ambassador who promotes your products.

Then loops back to the process as the brand ambassador promotes through word of mouth and experience and then gets a new visitor who undergoes the same process.

Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important

How well a company’s goods or services live up to consumer expectations is measured by customer satisfaction. It’s one of the best indicators of consumer loyalty and future purchases.

When Does Customer Satisfaction Matter?

It matters every time!

  • Onboarding
  • Support and Assistance
  • Purchase Assistance
  • Information and Guides
  • Product Quality

Customer satisfaction is your way of gauging how well a company’s goods, services, and general customer experience live up to expectations. By demonstrating how well your goods or services are received by customers, it represents the health of your firm.

What Are The Tools You Can Use To Promote Customer Satisfaction?

  • Physical Customer Service
  • Immediate Phone Support
  • Live Chat Tools
  • SMS Help Desk Support

Wallet can help you with the remote tools for providing assistance via Live Chat and SMS.
Here are guides on how you can get started to provide the most effective customer service support.

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