Reward & Retain : Membership Retention

What You Will Learn

Learn the importance of membership tiers and the rewards accompanying being a member. Understand the importance of great customer service and its effect on customer retention.

Customer Retention Strategies

Promote customer retention with a seamless onboarding process - Should you be a membership club, or gym, that has membership perks of course a new member should experience top-notch customer service response when they sign up for your business.

Reward Your Most Loyal Members - What would a member expect if they have been truly loyal to your business? Of course, you should share your rewards with them for being your most loyal customers. Here are a few types of rewards that you can share with your most loyal members.

  • Reward them through vouchers
  • Reward them with membership points
  • Membership Tier Perks

Customer Feedback and Customer Service - Of course, a business will not thrive if the customer service response is horrible, hence you need to step up and promote customer first attitude to everyone on the team. Can you imagine being stuck and having no one there to answer? Definitely, there should be communication between you and your members, and Wallet has this feature available for you.

Here’s a guide related to the live chat feature set up within Wallet’s admin portal.