Customer Sessions Page

Customer Sessions Page

Tip: Identify which pages, promotions, discounts, and rewards in your digital wallet are most attractive to visitors, subscribers, customers and members.

In the diagram below, you can click each page block for additional details on traffic and rewards. This is particularly for comparing which Merchant URLs are generating the most traffic, which Static Voucher campaigns are receiving the most interest, and which Dynamic Voucher campaigns are performing best.

Pro Tip: By changing the dates at the top, you can narrow the search period to single days, hours, or even minutes. This can be useful when comparing to your SMS campaigns, to view how people are responding to your offers and promotions.

Also, the sessions table at the bottom of this page allows you to isolate a specific visitor and track their activity through your digital wallet, to better understand your consumers’ interests and behaviors. This is an excellent tool to view your business through their eyes and continually refine your offers and messaging.

You can go to image by following the steps below.

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Admin Portal View of the Customer Sessions Page

Filter your analytics page by using a specific date range to view the stats of the business.

Get a quick view of the interactions your digital wallet has from the specific date range.


Monitor the interactions of the Customer Sessions that happened on your Digital Wallet with the specific view and the location of the customer who has visited your page.