How Add & Store Media Files for Use in Your Wallet

Media Files

What You Will Learn
Learn How to Add Media in the Admin Portal, and learn what features you can use to maximize the images you will upload inside Wallet.

Why You Should Use Media Files
The Media Files page allows your team to upload and manage media files that you’re using or have previously used in your company’s wallet. Use these files for payment items like vouchers and ad credits or things like Blog posts and live events. Make your wallet look awesome with custom media files!

Admin Portal View of Managing your Media

How to Add Images in the Media Files Section

  1. Click on Apply Branding

  2. Select Media Files

  3. You will then see the area Upload Media Files
    Upload Media Files Image

NOTE: Do not upload any private or sensitive information since these files can be viewed by anyone with the link.

Gallery - Portfolio, Gallery of your most awesome images that your customers will see in the App.

Events - Enticing Images to promote your Events

Blogs and news - Upload Images to promote your news and blogs!