How to Customize Your Digital Wallet

How to navigate your Digital Wallet

What You Will Learn
Learn how to use the Digital Wallet Features, navigation, and customization per feature available in the Wallet Admin Portal.

Why Is the Digital Wallet Important?
Your company’s wallet is what customers will see and engage with through their own personal wallet which is created the second your business, or any other business, adds a customer’s phone number to the Wallet Inc platform.

This is your company’s public-facing, mobile-friendly webpage for acquiring new customers. Apply your logo, colors, and navigation menu to make it your own!

This areaimage image is where you will customize the branding, messaging, and functionality of your company’s digital wallet.

You can add additional tracking and monitoring of your digital wallet’s performance with google analytics, create your own vanity wallet URL/user handle, and even redirect visitors within your wallet to your own vanity landing page.

Admin Portal View of the Digital Wallet Features

Digital Wallet App View of the Features of Wallet

How to Customize the Digital Wallet in the Admin Portal

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. On the left-hand pane, you would see “Apply Branding” then left-click on Wallet.

  3. Now you would see the Digital Wallet page, this is the mobile view of the end-users who have downloaded the App and added you as a merchant on their own Wallet App.

  4. The first step is for you to upload your company logo.

  5. Click on Choose your Logo to upload the image which needs to be 209 by 50 pixels. Choosing your logo will show up on the Digital Wallet.

  6. You can also select a custom icon for your company using the Update Custom Icon button. This will give a unique touch to the type of products/services you provide to your audience.

  7. Next option to fill out is the image header, which boosts the creativity of the front page of your digital wallet.

  8. After uploading a header for your Digital Wallet, you can now then select the theme colors for your Digital Wallet.

  1. Now that you are done with selecting your company colors, you can now create your own vanity URL. The Vanity URL is for you to easily search your company’s Digital Wallet, you can post this as a Link or as a QR code from your advertisements.

  2. You are then now able to proceed to the next step which is to select the applicable features of Wallet that will show on the Digital Wallet App which is the navigation menu.

  3. After selecting the applicable features you can then add your Google Analytics Page and enable or disable the supported wallets such as Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay.

  4. Once you are done with the necessary change, you can now hit Save Changes and it will now take effect on your Digital Wallet.

Note: You can view your digital wallet by clicking the Tip on the top of the page and clicking on your Vanity handle.