How to check Keyword Lists Associated with Your Numbers

What You Will Learn
Learn on how to navigate the your numbers, and view the existing keywords set for each of your 10 digit long codes.

Tip: Create one or more Keywords for people to subscribe. Commonly used keywords are “JOIN”, “INFO”, and “SUBSCRIBE”.

Pro Tip: In the grid on the Opt-In Keyword Page, use the “Keywords Tools” button to obtain a QR Code and a 1-Click Opt-In button for your website. These tools allow your website to passively gather subscribers for you! image

Keep track of and monitor keywords associated with your numbers

  1. Click on image
  2. Select image
  3. And you will see the My Numbers Page.
  4. For a specific number you will see the icon image

Your Keyword Lists allow you to keep track of the keywords, and their details, for each number your business uses. Track things like opt-in/opt-out keywords, if age verification is required, and what actions are associated with that keyword list.