Achieve More Subscribers Using Keywords & Opt-In Sources!

Acquiring Subscribers Using Keywords and Opt-In Sources

What You Will Learn
Learn to understand the Keywords and Opt-In Sources Tools from Wallet and how they can help to acquire more subscribers.


Because SMS is the most popular means of communication for billions of people, text message marketing initiatives are growing in popularity.

Open rates for SMS are 82.1%.
Within three minutes of delivery, 90% of texts are read.
SMS texting, according to more than 65% of marketers, is “extremely effective.”

Keywords keep your subscribers organized into designated lists. As an example scenario, your default keyword might be “JOIN”, but you later decide to run a television commercial. In the commercial, you might ask viewers to subscribe by sending the keyword “TV” to your phone number. Using these different keywords will keep your subscribers separate, so you know which advertising channels are helping you build your lists of subscribers.

There are many methods to use an SMS keyword. For instance, you may ask clients and potential clients to text a keyword to:

  • Get a discount coupon for your goods or services.
  • Receive alerts about upcoming events
  • Participate in a giveaway or contest.
  • Additionally, you may share exclusive offers, discounts, or even a straightforward “thank you” for subscribing by using auto-responders in your keyword confirmation message.

Texting an SMS keyword to a short code, a 5- or 6-digit phone number specifically designed to deliver SMS or MMS text marketing campaigns to mobile phones, is the most popular method for customers to sign up for an SMS marketing list. For instance, “Text JOIN to 123456” is a well-liked choice because JOIN is simple to recall.

The Opt-In Sources page is where you will create, manage, and review your Opt-In sources. When you create an opt-in source, a unique QR code and code snippet will be generated for that source.

Why Use QR Codes for Opt-In?

  1. QR Codes Are Easy to Use
  2. QR Codes Can Track Marketing Campaigns
  3. QR Codes Can Be Strategically Placed


Here are a few articles that will help you get started with maximizing the Opt-In Keywords and Sources to get you more subscribers.