How to Create Membership Tiers

Creating Membership Tiers for Your Business

Discover how to establish membership tiers in the Wallet Admin Portal, leveraging this feature as a potent tool for your marketing endeavors.

What You Will Learn

Unlock the potential of membership tiers within the Wallet Admin Portal to effectively structure your business’s membership system. Understand the functionality of membership tiers and their role in shaping your marketing strategies.

Introduction to Membership Tiers

The Membership Tiers page serves as the hub for crafting a tailored membership experience for your business. Here, you have the flexibility to introduce and manage multiple membership tiers.

By incorporating multiple tiers, you can spotlight your most valuable customers, those with the highest Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Engage, incentivize, and reward these customers in ways that resonate with their loyalty to your brand.

Tip: Define as many tiers as you wish, with as many different percentage-based discounts as you need. The goal is to show your appreciation and motivate your loyal customers to make another purchase.

How to Add Tiers

  1. Accessing the Membership Section: Navigate to the left-hand pane of the navigation menu and select “Membership.”
  2. Creating Tiers: Within the “Membership” section, locate and click on “Tiers.” This is where you can establish your club’s tiers.
  3. Entering Tier Details: Complete the required fields at the top of the page to create a new tier for your business. These include:
  • Tier Number
  • Tier Name
  • Tier Discount
  • Tier Design
  • Points DesignOnce all details are entered, click on the “Create” button.
  1. Managing Tiers: The middle portion of the page displays the Membership Tiers you’ve created. You can easily access and review these tiers here.

  2. Archiving Inactive Tiers: Utilize the “Archive” button located at the top right-hand corner to remove any inactive tiers from view.

  3. Tracking Tier Activity: Gain insights into tier performance by reviewing creation and modification dates, tier details, and associated designs. The “History” and “Redemptions” columns provide valuable data on tier activity.

By effectively managing your membership tiers, you can tailor your loyalty program to suit the needs and preferences of your customers, fostering long-term engagement and satisfaction.