How to Add & View Club Members

Adding Club Members in the Wallet Admin Portal

Discover seamless methods to add club members effortlessly in the Wallet Admin Portal. Navigate and select the process most suitable for your business to seamlessly add your member list without complications.

Why Learn This Process?

From your club members area, effortlessly add members one at a time or upload multiple members from an existing membership or loyalty program. If you’ve established multiple membership tiers, this is also where you can assign members to their respective tiers.

How to Add New Club Members & Review Existing Club Members

As discussed in the previous article on tier creation, after creating tiers for your business, the next step is registering members.

You have 2 options to register members :

Method 1: Manual Registration of Members

Manually add members using the “Create New Club Member Area,” where you’ll enter details such as:

  • Membership Tier
  • Member ID
  • First & Last Name
  • Accrued Member Points
  • Mobile Number

This method suits new registrants or adding individual members to an existing list.

Method 2: Bulk Upload of Members List

For businesses with an extensive list of customers, the bulk upload process is advisable.

  1. Download Samples: Click on “Download Samples” to obtain a CSV file. Fill in required fields, including Tier Number, Member ID, First and Last Name, Phone Number, and Points.
  2. Upload Data: Once your CSV file is ready, upload it to the wallet portal. Click “Upload” and choose the filled file template.

The uploaded data will be reflected in the member list in the wallet portal.




Managing Club Members

In the club members area, conduct quick searches using member ID, first and last name, or phone number. View detailed member information, including points preview, tier preview, history, and redemptions.

With text messaging enabled, clicking on a phone number directs you to the SMS feature of Wallet.