How to Manage Events and Tickets

Managing Events and Tickets

Welcome to Wallet, the premier platform for business owners to manage their business and customers seamlessly. This guide will walk you through the steps to motivate your customers by managing tickets for your events.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to navigate to the “Motivate Customers” section on your dashboard.
  • How to manage tickets for current and past events.
  • How to edit event details and settings.
  • How to create new tickets and upload customer lists.

Why This is Important

Efficiently managing events and tickets is crucial for enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. By understanding how to use these features, you can ensure smooth event operations, maintain accurate records, and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Navigate to “Motivate Customers”

  • On your Wallet Dashboard, locate and click on Motivate Customers. This section is designed to help you engage and retain your existing customer base effectively.


2. Access Existing Customers

  • Click on Existing Customers. This will lead you to the section where you can manage tickets and other customer-related activities.


3. Select Tickets

  • In the Existing Customers section, select Tickets. This area allows you to oversee and manage tickets for your events.


4. Manage Event Tickets

  • In the Tickets Area, you can manage tickets for both current and past events. This section provides a comprehensive overview of all your events.

5. Choose Event

  • Click on Choose Event. This action will display data for existing events, including the Title, Start Date, Price, and status of the event (e.g., Sold Out).

6. View Event Details

  • You can see detailed information such as:
    • Title: Name of the event.
    • Start Date: When the event begins.
    • Price: Cost of the event ticket.
    • Sold Out Status: Indicates if the event is fully booked.
    • Edit Option: Allows modifications to the event details.

7. Edit Event

  • To manage a specific event, click the Edit button next to the desired event. This will open up the event management interface.

8. Review Event Details

  • In the Event Details Area, you will see all the details related to the event, including descriptions and logistical information.

9. Adjust Ticket Settings

  • Navigate to Ticket Settings. Here you can manage various aspects of the tickets:
    • # of Ticket Totals: Total number of tickets available.
    • Ticket Expiration: When the tickets expire.
    • Ticket Design: Customization options for ticket appearance.
    • Max Seats to Claim: Maximum number of seats a customer can claim.
    • Redemption Instructions: How customers can redeem their tickets.
    • Real-time data such as:
      • # Comps Claimed: Number of complimentary tickets claimed.
      • # Seats Claimed: Number of seats claimed.
      • # Comps Redeemed: Number of complimentary tickets redeemed.
      • # Tickets Redeemed: Number of tickets redeemed.

10. Create New Ticket

  • In the Ticket List Area, click on Create New Ticket. This feature allows you to add a single ticket for a single customer by entering:
    • Quantity: Number of tickets.
    • Mobile Number: Customer’s phone number.
    • Email Address: Customer’s email address.
    • Member ID: Customer’s membership ID.


11. Upload Customer List

  • You can also Upload a CSV file to add multiple customers at once. The template available includes columns for:
    • quantity
    • phonenumber
    • email
    • memberid
    • comp (for complimentary tickets)


By following these steps, you can effectively manage your events and tickets on the Wallet platform. This ensures that your events run smoothly, your customers are well-informed, and your business operations are efficient. Keeping track of ticket sales, customer details, and event statuses will help you provide a top-notch experience for your customers, thereby enhancing loyalty and satisfaction.