How To Update Your Visitors About the Latest Happenings In Your Business?

Use the Live Events Feature for You to Entice Visitors in Getting into Your Business

Maximizing the Live Events Features allow you to entice your potential customers by letting them attend your Events.

Examples of strategic events are below.

a. Have a Free Event, in exchange for your visitors Opting Into your list ( While you gaining visitors you can immediately convert them into Subscribers )
b. Host Events in exchange for your current customers bringing a friend and letting them join the activities ( Having your customers bring friends or family would mean more potential customers and members coming your way )

There are several potential strategies that can be applied accompanied with the Live Events Feature by Wallet since you can promote it directly within the Digital Wallet App for them to have easy access to know what’s currently happening in the company.

Here’s how you can set up your Events in the Wallet Admin Portal.