How To Review Unsubscribed Rate From Your SMS/MMS Number

You Will Learn
To view and check the current status for the unsubscribed audience from your current SMS/MMS 10DLC.

Why You Should Regularly Check Your Unsubsrcibed List
It is best to strategize depending on how your audience react to your campaigns.
Each one of your numbers allows you to review which people have unsubscribed from it.
These people are no longer available for contact from the number that they have unsubscribed from and are labeled as Blocked Numbers in this window.

See which customers have unsubscribed from your number/10DLC and are unavailable for contact

  1. Click on SMS/MMS from the Admin Portal.

  2. Click image

  3. You will now see My Numbers Page and here’s a sample of your number.

  4. You will see the Unsubscribed List after clicking image