INFO: Your Customer's Active Memberships

Your customers can manage multiple businesses in their wallet

When your customer taps on the blue “verified wallet” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the wallet UI, they are able to see all the businesses that they have memberships with. This is how your customers navigate from one business to another.

This is really where you want your logo to shine! When adding a logo to your digital wallet, be sure to use a crisp, clean, and appropriately sized logo for the best results. (Using a transparent background for logos that consist of mostly lettering can make editing easier and ensures your branding stays true to your business).

With your customer’s favorite businesses and associated rewards, offers, and promotions in one location, your business maintains a presence in your customer’s smart devices whether or not you have a mobile app, regardless of if they’ve previously deleted your app.

Admin Portal View of managing businesses in the App

Digital App View of customers managing the memberships