How to Create and Import Recipient Lists

What You Will Learn
Learn and understand the process of importing and creating a recipient list within Wallet. This process allows you to migrate your existing customer list to the Wallet Admin Portal.

Before You Begin
Consolidate your list in a CSV file document and follow the format of columns from the Download Template button in the SMS/MMS Section under My Recipient Lists.

Create a new subscriber list or import an existing one

This section discusses the usage of the Recipient List Area.
Create a new recipient list, and upload single or multiple phone numbers to a list.
Go to Excite Subscribers Tab Under the SMS/MMS Section theimage is where you click on to upload a new Subscriber or Import and Existing Recipient List, selectimage

Create a New Recipient List

  1. Select Create New List of Recipients.

  2. Then you will see this pop-up window which you would need to fill out.

  3. If it is your first time creating a list and you need to upload a list, fill out the List Name & the Mobile Number Section.

NOTE: You are given the option to Import from a Membership Tier, which lessens the hassle of you extracting data and re-uploading them in case you already have a Membership Tier list in the Admin Portal.

Uploading your Recipient List

Assuming you have already created a Recipient List, now it’s time to add the phone numbers of your audience to the Recipient List.

A. Adding a Single Audience/Member in the List

  1. Select the Add recipient button across the Recipient List you have created. image
  2. Add the Subscriber by putting in the phone number.

B. Adding multiple Audiences/Members to the List

  1. Select the Download Template Button, and fill out the CSV file with your Recipient List

NOTE: Fill out the CSV file

  1. Select the Upload More Buttonimage

  2. Select the CSV file that you have filled out with the recipient phone numbers and select Upload File.

Configure Button image

Configure button allows you to modify changes to the list:

-Activate or Deactivate a List
-Name Change
-Mobile Number Change