Subscriber Acquisition : What Wallet Features Do You Need?

Subscriber Acquisition

Subscribers - Subscribers are people who’ve opted-in to receive communications from a business

What Will You Learn
Learn the benefits of subscriber acquisition for your business, and understand what is the process for you to be able to collect subscribers.

Why You Should Acquire Subscribers?

The title itself means to get subscribers, but how do you plan to fulfill this with the Wallet platform? Here’s a quick guide on the flow of how to systematically get subscribers in your business.

Before you begin you would need the Communication Package of Wallet, if you are reading this and have not fully understood the features of Wallet then you are in the right place to understand and learn why you should get these features.

  • SMS Opt-In Funnels (QR Code Scan)
  • SMS Keywords
  • SMS Subscribers
  • SMS & MMS Messages
  • SMS Help Desk
  • SMS Broadcasts

SMS Opt-In Funnels - Accumulate subscribers from your social media accounts, your website, or through QR codes placed anywhere!


SMS Keywords - Create Opt-In Keywords and post it directly in your readily available advertising. Create one or more Keywords for people to subscribe. Commonly used keywords are “JOIN”, “INFO”, and “SUBSCRIBE”.

SMS Subscribers - Wallet allows you to create and segment your list and send messages directly to your target market.

SMS & MMS Messages - SMS Composition made easy, Wallet even allows you to include images and vouchers in your messages which can make it more enticing at the same time attracts your subscribers to become customers.

SMS Help Desk Guide your customers with helpful messages and directions when they get stuck or need info.

SMS Broadcasts - Send your campaigns to your segmented list, and choose your target market wisely.

Here’s a summary of a sample strategy you could follow to collect subscribers.

  1. Use and set up the SMS feature starting with the SMS Agreement
  2. Generate a Phone Number - To communicate with subscribers, you must first obtain a phone number. This phone number will allow you to send AND receive messages from subscribers.
  3. Create a Keyword for People to Subscribe using the SMS Keywords function of Wallet
  4. Generate a Source - Sources allow you to identify the source of traffic (e.g. Facebook, Website, In-Store, etc). Create a source, connect your website, and print your 4x6 barcode for an in-store physical location.
  5. Create a need for them to subscribe! Promotion codes are very simple discount codes that anyone can use (e.g. ‘15OFF’). They help to convert subscribers into customers, and they do not require integration with your website or point-of-sale system.