Build Your List Of Subscribers: Request Phone Numbers From Your Visitors!

Request Phone Numbers From Your Visitors!

What You Will Learn
Why you should request phone numbers from your visitors and how you can use this info so you can gain subscribers.

Before You Begin
Your clients are putting their trust in you when they give you their mobile numbers. In light of this, you should always:

  • Give customers the chance to opt-out
  • Guarantee the secrecy of your clients’ information
  • Make a commitment to not spam your customers and keep it.
  • Be sure to include some value in your SMS messages.

How Can You Build Your Recipient List?
Consider what you may offer your consumers to entice them to provide their cell phone numbers when they visit your store.

You may, for instance, arrange a monthly prize draw where participants place their business cards in a bowl. You might also provide free samples in exchange for customers’ mobile numbers.

There are several ways for getting your visitors to provide their phone numbers and convert them to subscribers here are some ways that you can try.

  1. Text-In Competitions
  2. Free Demo or Trial
  3. Tier Club Offers
  4. Maximize the usage of your Live Chat feature and make your Customer Service Agents request for the customer’s phone number and provide a spiel about receiving Text Campaigns.
  5. Provide something in Exchange.

Here’s a guide on how you can create and import your recipient list.