Incorporating an Application Logo for Your Personalized Digital Wallet Application

Introduction: Incorporating a distinctive mobile app icon to your digital wallet application can enhance its visual appeal and user recognition. This guide outlines the simple steps to seamlessly upload a mobile app icon through your dashboard’s Company Info section. Follow these instructions to ensure a smooth integration process.

Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

  1. Log in to your dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the main dashboard interface where you manage your application’s settings and features.

Step 2: Access Company Info

  1. Within the dashboard, locate and click on the “Company Info” option.
  2. This section allows you to customize and manage various aspects of your application’s profile and branding.

Step 3: Navigate to Digital Wallet Settings

  1. In the Company Info section, find and select the “Digital Wallet” option.


  1. This leads you to the settings specific to your digital wallet, where you can configure various functionalities and appearances.

Step 4: App & Digital Wallet Integrations

  1. Inside the Digital Wallet settings, locate the “App & Digital Wallet Integrations” category.


  1. Click on this category to access integration options related to your application’s functionality.

Step 5: Upload Mobile App Icon

  1. Within the “App & Digital Wallet Integrations” section, locate and click on the “Upload Mobile App Icon” option.

  2. A new window will appear, allowing you to upload the mobile app icon that will represent your application.

Step 6: Optimal Image Size

  1. Ensure that the mobile app icon image you’re uploading adheres to the recommended size of 300x300 pixels.

  1. Using this specific size ensures optimal visual quality and consistency across different devices and displays.

Step 7: Finalizing the Upload

  1. Select the image file from your device that you want to use as the mobile app icon.
  2. Double-check that the image meets the specified size requirements before proceeding.

Step 8: Save Changes

  1. Once the image is uploaded and verified, locate the “Save Changes” button within the same window.
  2. Click on “Save Changes” to confirm the integration of your selected mobile app icon.

Conclusion: By following these straightforward steps, you can seamlessly incorporate a visually appealing and recognizable mobile app icon for your digital wallet application. This icon will serve as an essential element in enhancing user experience and brand identity. Remember to adhere to the recommended image size and save your changes to ensure a successful integration process.