How To Edit Your Opt-In Keywords

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This section will teach you how to process and edit your keywords subscriber lists, how to modify the age restriction status and change the 10DLC auto responses.

The “Editing Keyword Subscriber List” window allows you to edit your keywords, age restriction status, number/10DLC, and auto-responses.

Keywords keep your subscribers organized into designated lists. As an example scenario, your default keyword might be “JOIN”, but you later decide to run a television commercial. In the commercial, you might ask viewers to subscribe by sending the keyword “TV” to your phone number. Using these different keywords will keep your subscribers separate, so you know which advertising channels are helping you build your lists of subscribers.

How To Edit Your Keywords

To edit your existing keywords, click configure.

  1. Click on SMS/MMS on your Admin Portalimage
  2. Click on image
  3. Select on image
  4. You can now then select a specific Keyword from the list and click the image
  5. You can now then modify the line items required.