How to Provide Store Credits

How to Provide Store Credits

What You Will Learn

Learn how to send credit for your business directly to your customer’s wallet. Ease your way with navigation on the Merchant Credit page. Learn the functions of the merchant credit feature by Wallet.

Why You Should Learn About the Merchant Credit Page

From the Merchant Credit page, you can send credit directly to your customer’s wallet using their phone number or member ID. This page is also where you will review all the credit that has been distributed to your members. This feature provides special customers with an account of the credit, which can be applied toward their future purchases.

You can preview each member’s wallet and review their user history and redemptions from the page as well.

Steps to Add Credit or Modify Credit for a Member

  1. Go to Motivate Customers, select Existing Customers
  2. Select Merchant Credit.
  3. From the List of Members search for the member you wanted to add or modify the credit to.
  4. Or you can manually search the phone number of the member on the search box if you have a long list
  5. After selecting the member you can then now change or add a member credit.