How to Use the Web Terminal

Point of Sale: Web Terminals

What You Will Learn
Learn the usage of the Web Terminal Feature of Wallet. Learn how you can process a redemption request by a customer.

Why You Should Learn to Use the Web Terminal?
The Point of Sale Web Terminal area is the page where you can process the redemption for a member redeeming a specific voucher. Even if you currently don’t have an established point-of-sale system, Wallet offers this feature for you to be able to process voucher redemptions from your audience.

Guide on How to Process Redemptions

The Web Terminal reads Wallet-generated QR codes, as a customer comes in and requests a redemption, you have 3 ways to scan the QR code.

A. Your webcam (if available). Just click “Request Camera Permissions”, then “Allow”, and aim the customer’s wallet directly at your webcam to scan the barcode.
B. Using image recognition technology on uploaded image files. This is best for batch processing, or after-hours processing of redemptions.
C. By using a third-party laser barcode scanner, Be sure to click in the “Scan using barcode scanner” field first.

You would also be able to view the history of redemptions within the Web Terminal using the
image button.

Select the preferred time frame and you should be able to see the historical data for each scan.