Customer Retention: Reward Redemptions

Customer Retention and Redemption

What You Will Learn
Learn and understand the process of how redemption works and how you can get this started with the help of articles from Wallet.

What Customers Want

  • Rewards
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Accessibility of Redemption

Ensure that you have tested out the capabilities of your redemption process. Wallet has available options for you to be able to process rewards that you share with your audience.
Because customers will stay with your business as long as your rewards are accessible and easy to process.

Who would want a reward if the process will take a bunch of time or if the rewards have too many hurdles?

Accessibility of Voucher Redemption

Even without your own point-of-sale terminal Wallet offers a Web Terminal Option wherein you can process redemptions using devices as simple as your webcam connected to a pc or your phone.


Should you have your own Point of Sale System, you may refer to this guide so that you can check the compatible POS systems that would work with Wallet.