INFO: Review User Activity

Review When and How Your Team Is Using Your Wallet

Audit your team’s actions to ensure there’s been no unwanted activities or unauthorized access.

This tool is intended for administrators and security teams to audit your company’s employees and ensure that none are performing unwanted actions or attempting to access unauthorized pages.

Pro Tip: It’s best to visit this page when there’s reason to suspect that a team member has created vouchers, credit, points, or other redeemable items that they should not be creating. This page displays events relating to data changes, not data access. Therefore, it shows create, update, archive, and restore actions, but not “view” actions.

  1. Select image
  2. Then Click on image

The “User Activity” page is where your team’s activity within your business’s wallet is monitored. Here is where you will see when and what actions have been taken by your team.