Review Changes in Team Permissions

See How Your Team’s Roles Have Changed Through Time Here

Tip: Access a complete log of all permissions changes for every one of your team members by using the date/time filter below.

This page is especially useful when you suspect one or more team members are using tools that they should not be using. On this page, you can review each time a team member’s permissions have changed, and whether they’ve ever had access to prohibited tools or features.

Pro Tip: By combining the data from this page with the data on the User Activity page, you can obtain a complete view of all actions for one or more users. Very helpful for administrators and IT departments, which must ensure that the appropriate users and teams have only the tools that they require for their roles and duties.

  1. Go to Change Settings
  2. then select on Security, then select on Auth Changes.

The “Auth Changes” page maintains a log of how your team’s permission authorizations have changed over time. This allows your team to audit and review the roles that each of its members plays and has played through time as your Wallet changes. Pinpoint actions taken by individuals that have led to a notable outcome with the auth changes log.