Review Your Permissions

See What Roles Your Account Has Access From Here

Easily manage the permissions for different teams in your organization by creating a custom role for each team.

When you have multiple teams working in the platform, we recommend creating a custom role for each team, to prevent the unwanted use of tools.

For instance, your marketing team might have access to the Company Info, Memberships, Payments, and SMS areas, while the IT team has access to the Settings and Security areas, and the financial auditing team has access to the Point of Sale area and Ledger.

To accomplish this, just create a new Custom Role for each team: “IT”, “Marketing”, and “Finance”. Then, drag/drop the correct pages into each of those roles. You can then apply for these custom roles directly to each employee that requires those permissions.

This helps to ensure that the teams aren’t clobbering the work of other team members since each team member can only access the appropriate areas for their duties.

  1. Click on Change Settings
  2. Select Security
  3. Then click on Manage Roles

The “My Roles” tab on the “My Account” page allows your team members to review what roles and actions are available to them.