INFO : Setting Up & Sending Vouchers

Where You Will Set Up And Send Your Vouchers

The Send Vouchers page is where you will customize the messages that accompany your vouchers and select a number that you wish to send a voucher.

From this page, you will be able to select the phone number (10DLC) from which you will send your voucher and design a message template.

You can insert keywords from a messaging keyword legend that will automatically reflect edits that you make to your voucher. Preview your voucher by clicking the preview button.

Tip: Craft a message to your Static Voucher recipients, insert their personalized wallet links, and distribute them from this page.

Convert subscribers into customers by sending them a personalized single voucher and adding an image that will excite them.

Pro tip: The “Schedule” button allows you to save messages for sending on a future date/time. This allows you to plan your campaigns days, weeks, or months in advance so you can “set it and forget it.”

Also, when creating your first few Static Voucher campaigns, we recommend adding your own personal mobile number to ensure that the messages are being sent as scheduled and intended.

Refer to Creating a New SMS Message for Your Vouchers