How to Configure Vouchers ( Many )

Configure A Single Campaign Of Static Vouchers

What You Will Learn

Learn how to create, schedule, and use the Vouchers ( Many ) page feature of Wallet to manage your current voucher campaigns.

What You Can Accomplish With Vouchers ( Many )

The Vouchers Many feature is where you will create, schedule, and manage your static voucher campaigns.

You can control whether your campaigns are active or inactive, add a payment design, select the value of your offer, and even determine which register(s) your offer can be accepted at.

The voucher list displayed on this page allows you to see and manage which members/users this offer is sent to.

Convert a subscriber into a customer by giving them a special discount, or reward a club member with a one-time use voucher.

Static Vouchers are personalized single-use, fixed-price, or percentage-based discounts, with specific start and expiration dates/times.

Pro Tip: If you wish to display a value to the recipient that’s different from the monetary value of the voucher, you can use the “Display Value” field to input the text that you’d like them to see.

How to Set up Vouchers ( Many )

  1. Click on Motivate Customers
  2. Click on Existing Customers
  3. Click on Vouchers Many


  1. Fill out the required fields for Single Campaign.
    Vouchers Many- Because you wanted to send this voucher to a list.
    You will need to fill out the Excel file available after clicking Download Samples.
    These are the items you need to fill in on the Excel file.

  2. After filling out the excel form, click on choose file and select the excel file that consists of the list of people you wanted to send the Voucher.

  3. Fill out the required fields and click Create.

  4. Here’s an example.