How To Create A Single Voucher

Creating & Scheduling a Single Voucher

What You Will Learn
Learn how to maximize the static voucher feature of Wallet, and understand how the create and schedule mechanism of the static voucher feature works.

Why You Should Learn About Single Vouchers

The Single Vouchers page is where you will customize and schedule your single vouchers. From this page, you will determine which member you’re going to send a voucher to, the amount you’re going to offer, and when you will send it.

This is also where you will set your voucher to active or inactive, give your voucher a title, add a design, and determine where the offer is valid.

Convert a subscriber into a customer by giving them a special discount, or reward a club member with a one-time use voucher.

Static Vouchers are personalized single-use, fixed-price, or percentage-based discounts, with specific start and expiration dates/times.

Pro Tip: If you wish to display a value to the recipient that’s different from the monetary value of the voucher, you can use the “Display Value” field to input the text that you’d like them to see.

Steps to Create a Single Static Voucher

  1. Click Motivate Customers select Existing Customers
  2. Select Voucher ( Single )
  3. You will then see Create New Voucher, and you are required to fill out the fields below.

Customer Information

  • Member ID
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Offer Amount
  • Value Type

Voucher Information

  • Active/Inactive
  • Title
  • Date Range
  • Payment Design
  • Valid only at POS ( If you wanted the customer to redeem the voucher on a specific POS at a location in your establishment )
  • Display Value
  • Notes
  1. Click on Create and you will be able to see the voucher/preview of the offer.