Opt-In Sources for Your Subscribers

Manage the sources that your subscribers use to opt-in to your lists

The Opt-In Sources page is where you will create, manage, and review your Opt-In sources. When you create an opt-in source, a unique QR code and code snippet will be generated for that source.

The name that you give to each source should reflect the location of the QR code or code snippet (e.g., “Menu” if the QR code is placed in a menu, or “Homepage” if the code snippet and resulting button are placed on your website’s homepage).

From your Opt-In Sources page, you will see the keyword, the number of active, pending, and inactive subscribers, and the creation date for each source. You can also edit and view each source from this page.

For you to visit this page.

  1. Click onimageon the Admin Portal
  2. Click onimage
  3. Click onimage

Refer to the Knowledge Base Info: Age Verification for Sources, Review Unsubscribers for Each Source, How To View Active Subscribers for Each Source.