Convert Your Visitors to Subscribers Using The Link-In-Bio Feature

Use the Quick Links & Link in BIO as your perfect tool for Visitor Acquisition!

What You Will Learn
Consolidate all of your links into one area, so visitors know where to reach you. Your website, social media accounts, portfolio, etc.

Before You Begin
Before you can even create your Quick Links and Link In BIO here are a few items that you need to set up before you can build your Wallet Link-In-Bio

  • Choose the social media platform you wanted to promote your links to
  • Brand your social media platform

Why Should You Set-Up Your Quick Links into Your Link-In-Bio on your Social Media Account?

Adding your Quick Links into your Link In BIO for your social media allows consumers to learn more about your company and products. By clicking the link users can visit your home page or online store. And this can be attainable with Wallet’s features, not only you can make this happen but it also allows your business to track data with the combination of the tiny link feature and the Vanity URL being provided by Wallet.

First, you would need to create shortened links in the Wallet Portal for you to be able to track the data on who’s clicking on your links you can follow the steps from this article How to Set-Up QR Codes & Tiny Links

After you have set up your shortened links now you can set up your quick links and follow this knowledge base. How to Setup Your Quick Links

Once the tiny links and quick links have been completely set up. Then you can proceed with the next steps by adding your Vanity URL to your Social Media Page.

Adding your Vanity URL to your Social Media Page: How to Add Wallet Quick Links to Your Social Media Bio