How You Can Track Your Engagements In The Wallet Admin Portal?

Use Tiny Links to Track the Interests of Your Visitors

What You Will Learn
Understand the usage and importance of using Tiny Links for your tracking efforts. Learn How the Tiny Links can be used to track the interests of your visitors.

Tracking your traffic on where your visitors are coming from is one of the features of Wallet Inc.

Easily generate QR codes and track the number of scans, or shorten your links for sharing on social media and begin tracking traffic.

Professional marketers often use “UTM” links to track where traffic is originating from. For example, to determine which advertisements are working and which are not. However, these UTM links become really long, making them very ugly for sharing on social media. This is when “Tiny Links” and “URL Rewriters” like this tool come in handy.

It allows you to input a long URL and convert it into a user-friendly Wallet link, which can be easily used in emails, blogs, and social media to track visitor activity.

  1. Make use of the article for you to maximize your shortened links: How to Set-Up QR Codes & Tiny Links

  2. Track the data and generate strategic plans that you can carry out depending on where the volume of your visitors is coming from.

Data analytics is one of the most critical parts of the business and Wallet makes this easy for your business as you can easily take advantage of this without investing heavily in data-driven tools.