How to Setup Your Quick Links

Explore Your Quick Links with Wallet

Unlocking the Power of Quick Links
Discover the significance of link-in-bio functionality and harness the potential of Wallet’s Quick Links feature within the Admin Portal. Learn how to navigate this dynamic tool and leverage its capabilities for optimal business impact.

Why Quick Links Matter

The ubiquitous “link in bio” serves as a gateway to your digital realm, directing followers to pivotal destinations such as websites, product pages, or content hubs. Wallet enhances this functionality, offering a centralized Quick Links page for streamlined access to all your essential resources. Previewing the Quick Links area grants insight into the customer experience, empowering tailored optimization.

The Quick Links preview function allows you to see what your customers will see when they engage with your Quick Links area.

Your Quick Links page is where you can add all the pages that your heart desires housed in one single link. Quick links take the concept of links-in-bio to a whole new level. Associate your primary link with a QR code for the “Scan to Learn” functionality and get the word out about your business and all the great things you do!

Admin Portal: Unveiling Quick Links

App Perspective: Engaging with Quick Links

How to Setup Quick Links

  1. Go to Attract Visitors, Select With Support then click on Link-In-Bio

  2. On the left-hand side you will see the items that you need to fill out.

  • Title
  • URL
  • Icon
  • Section.
  1. In the Quick Links you can set up the shortened links you have created in the Wallet Admin Portal.

  2. In creating a Quick Link you would need to set up your Sections first, these are the categories of the links you have available.

  3. After setting up the title URL and selecting an Icon appropriate for your link, you will select Section which allows you to categorize your links.

The Section area is on the right-hand side of the page where you can drag each item and sort accordingly based on your preference.

Using theimage you can drag the item depending on your preference.

You can use theimage icon to modify an entry in the Quick Links should you change anything with the link or title.

Pro Tip: Archive inactive items to streamline your Quick Links interface, with the flexibility to reactivate them as circumstances dictate.

Unlock the potential of Wallet’s Quick Links feature to curate a seamless user experience, driving engagement and accessibility across your digital landscap