How to Add Wallet Quick Links to Your Social Media Bio

What You Will Learn
Learn how to add your Wallet Quick Links to your Twitter Page.

Why You Should Learn to Add Your Wallet Quick Links on Your Twitter Page?
One of the first few things a viewer sees about you on Twitter is your bio, aside from certain promoted tweets or being retweeted on the timeline. This gap can be filled and your audience can find you easily by including your links in your Twitter bio.

How to Add Wallet Quick Links in Your Twitter Page

  1. Go to Apply Branding
  2. Select Wallet
  3. Go to Customizable Vanity URL then copy your Vanity URL from the Vanity Handle and paste it on your Twitter Bio.

You can then now copy your Vanity URL or the Quick Link URL to your social media bio and let everyone hear about your business.

Reference: How to Setup Your Quick Links

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