How to Set up Point of Sale

Point of Sale : Setup

What You Will Learn
Learn to create a new point of sale register in the admin portal, and discover how to integrate your current point of sale system with Wallet.

Why You Should Complete the Setup for Point of Sale?
Connect your PoS machines for real-time transactions and additional insights into your customers’ preferences.

When your Point-of-Sale systems are fully integrated with the Wallet Platform, your customers and staff get the most streamlined transaction experience possible. Visitors, subscribers, customers, and members can all redeem their promotions, perks, and rewards while on-site. To use this feature, click the “Integrations” button in the top-right corner and enter your Property ID for your PoS system. You will also need to configure your PoS terminals to connect to our platform. Since each PoS system is different, please consult with your sales rep, support rep, or the documentation provided by your PoS for the final details to connect your system.

How to Create a New Point of Sale Register

Visit Manage Integrations Feature.

Select Third Party POS

  1. Click image

  2. Select image

  3. You will then see the page for the Point of Sale Setup

  4. Fill Out the top fields with the necessary details:

Register ID: The Unique Id of the Register, it is recommended to set a registered id in a standard format, and do something that your staff could easily determine.

Outlet Number: A Unique Outlet Number, which you can assign for tracking purposes.

Register Name: The name assigned to the register, it is advised to name the register according to where the register is stationed. ( Burger Station, Candy Station, Hair Cut Station)

Profit Center: The Profit Center to which the outlet is registered. It is important to group the register according to their appropriate profit center to properly consolidate the transactions.

Outlet Name: The Outlet Name to which the registered is tied

Here’s an example of a created register :

Note : After you have created an entry for the register you can still update and modify the entry or even archive it as needed.

How to Integrate your PoS system with Wallet

  1. Ensure that your PoS system is set up with your provider.
  2. Capture the Property ID which is provided by your PoS system provider.
  3. Selectimage
  4. From Integration Settings, enter the Property ID alongside the PoS system provider you have.
  5. Click Save Changes.