Customer Retention: Why Vouchers Work?

What You Will Learn
Learn and understand why vouchers work and why it is a great tool to promote customer retention. In this article, you would learn how to maximize your Wallet’s different types of Vouchers and complete the setup within the Wallet admin portal.

Why Vouchers Work For Customer Retention
Vouchers foster greater brand loyalty. You can continue to increase the value of your brand and show your loyal consumers how much you appreciate them by giving them access to exclusive deals. Vouchers can be used to create brand advocates out of loyal clients in addition to keeping them coming back to your business.

2 Types of Vouchers in the Wallet Platform

Single Vouchers - Convert a subscriber into a customer by giving them a special discount, or rewarding a club member with a one-time use voucher.

Dynamic Vouchers - Use urgency to bring people through your doors or to your website in minutes, by giving them vouchers with a decreasing value.