How to Create Dynamic Vouchers

What You Will Learn?
Learn about Dynamic Vouchers, and understand how they can boost your business. Learn the basics of how to process a Dynamic Voucher and how it works.

What is a Dynamic Voucher?
The “Dynamic Vouchers” page allows your business to create a proprietary voucher that decreases by a pre-determined value over a set amount of time.

This page is where you will determine those values, select a payment design, and schedule their use.

How to Create Dynamic Vouchers

  1. Go to Motivate Customers on the Left-hand Side of your Admin Portal.
  2. Choose New Customers then Select Dynamic Vouchers
  3. After clicking on Dynamic Vouchers you will see the Create New Dynamic Voucher, fill out the required fields.

Toggle Switch Active/Inactive: If you wish to activate or deactivate a dynamic voucher
Title : Title of the voucher
Date Range: Date Availability and Time of Expiration
Starting Value: The starting value of the discount let’s say you wanted to discount 20$ OFF
Maximum Budget: The max amount you wish to share with everyone who avails the voucher.
Payment Design: Select a pre-existing design for the voucher
Notes: Description of the Voucher

  1. Select the Reduce Value by Time

Decrease Amount: Let’s say you wanted the value to decrease by $1 in value every hour. And your total Value is 20$, and in 10 hours, the discounted amount would go down to $10.
Frequency: The frequency or time that the voucher discount will go down, let’s say every minute, hour, day or week.

  1. Click Create.

  2. You will then be able to view the Dynamic Voucher, showing the analysis for the voucher.

  • Voucher Preview
  • Redemptions
  • Calculation Summary