How to Set-Up QR Codes & Tiny Links

Shorten your links to generate unique QR codes and optimize SMS/MMS marketing


What You Will Learn
Learn how to use the QR Codes & Tiny Links Page of the Wallet Admin Portal, navigate and create Tiny Links and QR Codes that you can use for multiple marketing strategies.

What is the QR Codes & Tiny Links Page
The QR Codes & Tiny Links page is where your team can create shortened links for as many uses as creativity permits. One use for a link shortener is to make the most out of your SMS/MMS marketing.

Since SMS/MMS is limited to 160 characters, a link shortener allows you to include a longer, more meaningful message for your customers in your texts. Less Link. More Connection.

How to Create a Shortened Link:

  1. Click on Attract Visitors
  2. Click on With Support
  3. In the QR Codes & Links you have two options, create or open.
  • Create for you to make a new shortened link.
  • Open is for you to modify an existing shortened link.

Creating a QR Code/Link

  • Nickname which is your title for the shortened link
  • Destination URL which is the main link which you wanted to create a shortened link for.

NOTE: After clicking on create it will generate a URL unique from Wallet which you can use Digital Wallet features such as events, blogs, and news. Or you can simply print out the QR code and place it on your front desk, customer table, or lounge for them to get it scanned. You’ll also see the scans and visits for the specific shortened link on the lower portion of this page which allows you to track the visits for the specific link.