SMS Agreement : What, Why, How?

Let’s Get Your Subscribers!

We are sure that’s why you’re here because you wanted to get subscribers!
But before we jump into that and get your messaging and communication going you would need to accept Wallet’s SMS Agreement

What Is the SMS Agreement All About?
The Telephone Consumer Protection Agency (TCPA) has established the regulations for businesses to communicate with customers and subscribers through SMS & MMS messages. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) has established industry guidelines for businesses to follow.

Why Should You Accept the SMS Agreement
This agreement is your commitment to these policies and procedures. Failure to follow these rules and regulations can result in a suspension or termination of your business profile on the Wallet Platform, and lead to severe penalties and fines.

SMS/MMS messaging is highly regulated to prevent unwanted SPAM. This agreement ensures that you’re aware of these regulations and agreed to abide by these conditions.

How Can You Accept the Agreement and Start Your SMS Set Up
Once you are done accepting the agreement then you can now proceed to learn How to Setup for Your Numbers (10DLCs) and after you have requested your phone number and completely done the setup. You can now proceed with learning How to Create a New SMS.