How to Setup for Your Numbers (10DLCs)

What You Will Learn
The first step to use the SMS/MMS tools is to request your own designated phone number in the platform. Once obtained, this phone number will be used to send all outbound messages to your guests / subscribers / customers, and receive any responses from them.

The phone number will be private, so no other merchant on the platform will share your number, or have visibility into the inbound or outbound messages sent with it.

This also allows your customers to save the phone number to the contacts list in their phone, so they recognize all of the promotions, special offers, incentives, and support communications that you’ll be sending to them through the platform.

How to generate your own SMS Phone Number

NOTE: Before completing the steps below, an A2P application must be submitted and approved, and the TCPA/CTIA terms of service must be accepted. Please see INFO: Your SMS/MMS User Agreement for those details.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on image

  2. Choose image

  3. Then Select image

  4. You will see this notification

  5. Click on YES.

  6. You’ll then see this screen, asking you to choose an area code.

  7. Enter your area code and click “Search”. You should then see a list of available phone numbers to choose from.

  8. When you’ve located a number you’d like to obtain, click the green phone icon on the right of the selected number. This will save the number to your account for approval by our team. Please allow up to 24hrs for approval of the chosen number.

Setup your automated responses and legal links

  1. Click on image

  2. Select image

  3. For a specific number you will see the available options.

  4. Select image

  5. You will then see the configuration area where you can customize the message footer, “Help” response, “Stop” response and add URLs for your privacy policy and terms of service.
    This page is also where you will set up your Help desk keyword and auto-response.