How to Access SMS/MMS Help Desk

What You Will Learn
Understand the basic navigation and how-tos of the SMS Help Desk Function. Learn how to access the Help Desk Function and manage your resolved and unresolved tickets.

Provide world-class customer support with the SMS/MMS Help Desk

The “Help Desk” page allows you to communicate with your customers through your wallet in real-time. As your customers request information or need assistance, they can reach you and your team through the Help Desk.

This page is where you will communicate with those customers, manage the queue of requests, and switch between your numbers/10DLCs receiving customer service requests.

Tip: Guide your customers with helpful messages and directions when they get stuck or need info.

If this is your first time using this feature, you can test it by simply sending the support keyword on the top-right corner to the number displayed in the dropdown menu.

To access your list of support requests, just select the phone number for your merchant profile to access its corresponding Help Desk queue. You can then toggle between “resolved” and “unresolved” tickets, and the list of tickets will be updated accordingly.

Pro tip: Having a few helpful images saved to your Media Files will streamline your support operations when customers need a little direction. We recommend filling your media library with useful screenshots, directions, maps, and tips so your team can distribute these images easily to get your customers back on track.

How to Access Help Desk.

  1. Click on Excite Subscribers, select SMS/MMS
  2. Click Send SMS
  3. Click on Help Desk
  4. You will then see the Help Desk Page.
  5. First select a Customer Service Number.
  6. Select the toggle to show Unresolved Tickets and Resolved Tickets.
  7. For Resolved Tickets, you will be able to see the interaction history.
  8. For Unresolve Tickets this is where you manage and attend to your customers.
  9. Once a Interaction is Complete you can click Save as Resolved