How to Design Your Vouchers

Enhance Visibility for Your Payment Items with Striking Vouchers and Credits

Unlock Valuable Insights Discover the seamless navigation and advanced functionalities of the Payments Design Page within your Wallet Admin Portal. Explore how easy it is to tailor your Payment Designs to match your business identity and captivate your audience.

Unveiling the Power of the Payments Design Page The Payments Design Page is your gateway to infusing your payment tools (such as Static Vouchers, Ad Credits, and Merchant Credits) with your brand’s essence. Elevate your offerings by incorporating captivating imagery that complements your promotional campaigns.

This dynamic page also enables you to assign unique names to your designs, ensuring easy reference for future campaigns and special offers.

Craft Engaging Designs Leave a lasting impression on your audience by applying your company’s distinct branding and style to your discounts, seamlessly integrating them with the platform’s offerings.

Expert Tip: Tailor your designs to resonate with your audience by featuring enticing visuals of your products or services. Whether it’s a delectable cheeseburger, a refreshing beverage, or an inviting resort, visual appeal can significantly boost customer engagement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Compelling Payment Designs

  1. Navigate to Apply Branding.
  2. Click on Payments Design.
  3. Customize your selections to reflect your preferred color schemes and designs using the following options:
  • Design Name
  • Font Type
  • Font Color
  • Border Size
  • Border Type
  • Border Radius
  • Border Color
  • Display Name
  • Displayed Name
  • Abbreviation
  • Acronym
  • Icon
  1. Elevate your designs further by uploading your own background design through the “Choose File” option, enhancing visual appeal and brand cohesion.

Embrace the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your brand identity into your payment tools, maximizing engagement and driving customer loyalty. For personalized recommendations and expert assistance, connect with us through the Chat Now feature in the left-hand corner of the page.